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The Mystic Rose Studios

Maxwell's Palo Santo Mystic Matches

Maxwell's Palo Santo Mystic Matches

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🌳【High quality Peru palo santo sticks】Used by Peruvian shamans in spiritual rituals and often regarded as a “holy wood”, the palo santo incense sticks have a long tradition in energy clearing, meditation, healing and relaxation. Keeping quality and tradition in mind, Maxwell’s Mystic Matches brings you real and original Peruvian palo santo sticks, which are eco-friendly and sustainably harvested in Peru.

  • ✨【Redefine your lifestyle】Stress, bad energy, and vibes, anxiety.. sounds familiar? Just one afternoon with the scent refreshed air and aura from the palo santo incense sticks and you will feel a whole new level of relaxation and energy clearing. A therapeutic wonder, when literally translated, Palo Santo means “holy wood”, meaning you can use it for meditation, spiritual healing, praying sessions and religious rituals too.
  • 🔥【Delight your soul indoors or outdoors】Ignite 1 of these palo santo matches and allow it to burn for 5-10 seconds. We specifically refined the palo santo sticks with high resin for longer & more potent Palo Santo wood smell after lighting. Take and spread the energy clearing dim in the area of your choice (do not hold above flammable surfaces as embers may fall) or leave it on a holder and delight your senses in the rich and soul cleansing scent.
  • 🎁【Life-changing gift】 Have a friend or relative who is struggling mentally and spiritually? Or do you need an original gift? Use these premium palo santo wood sticks matches as a gift that can really make a difference in the life of an individual. Add to your vintage or therapeutic gift packages too.
  • ✅【Hand-crafted for your perfect satisfaction】Here at Maxwell's Mystic Matches we are completely dedicated to bringing you only the most quality, handmade real palo santo sticks from Peru. That’s why in the improbable case of you not absolutely loving these smudge palo santo sticks incense matches, you can return them for a full refund.

100% Sustainably Harvested from fallen trees. 

Approximately 12 thick sticks per box which can typically be burned twice. These are the perfect addition to your daily wellness routine and they make the most unique gifts!
Rich and sweetly fragrant, these Palo Santo Incense Matches are the first of their kind. These hot selling, hand-crafted smudge sticks are made from high quality Palo Santo with a high resin content to give off the indescribable Palo Santo smell after lighting. These are eco-friendly and sustainably harvested from Peru. Our matches make the perfect gift and the unique vintage style box is always a conversation piece. Take them in the car, yoga class, meditation space, or even keep them as a bathroom accessory. Similar to white sage, Palo Santo has traditionally been used to clear away negative energies from the body and space around you. These matches are a brand-new, innovative way to cleanse your space or simply enjoy the uplifting, de-stressing, energizing aroma of Palo Santo. **Please Note** These do not burn down slowly like standard incense sticks. Palo Santo wood burns and smolders to the degree in which the flame was lit.

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