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Spring Special Offer: Somatic Reset + Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

Spring Special Offer: Somatic Reset + Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

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The Mystic Rose is proud to partner with Featured Local Artist Sephora of Arts of Ixchel.

Over this two-hour session, we will begin by taking 15-20 minutes to enjoy a guided series of deeply relaxing breathing exercises and gentle self-touch to settle your nervous system. From this place of comfort and safety in your body, for the next phase of your journey, we will then turn to focus on the heart space for the next 15 minutes. Here, through another series of embodied practices, you will have the opportunity to connect deeply with your inner wisdom, your inner voice, in helping to articulate a question you might like to have answered or a situation around which you hope to gain clarity.

Safely guiding you out of this meditative, reflective experience through an additional round of breathing exercises, we will take a brief break and then return to our intimate circle to channel your heart's question into a Celtic Cross Tarot reading, allowing the cards to help elucidate your path as the spring season unfolds.


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